Wet Wheel Knife Sharpener: An Efficient Way of Sharpening Knives

Knives are being sharpened since ages. They are most important gadgets in any kitchen and all hell breaks loose when knives go dull. It is just not possible to throw blunt knives as knives have become expensive, so sharpening knives at home is always a welcome idea. There are many methods and devices to sharpen knives from the most basic whetstone to the most modern electric knife sharpeners, and among these, wet wheel knife sharpener needs special mention as it is an effective and very efficient method of knife sharpening. This is not a new technique as pouring water over whetstone and the use of grinding wheels in an electric knife sharpener during the process of sharpening is already being employed.

If you are one of those who face recurrent problem of knives becoming dull, you must give a thought to having a wet wheel knife sharpener. A wet wheel grinder works much the same way as any other wheel grinder but uses water to cool down the excess of heat that is generated during the process of sharpening. It is a welcome addition to the sharpening process as we are all aware of the damning effect of high temperatures on the tamper of the steels. High amount of heat have the potential to cause warping of the blade of the knife, no matter which metal it is made of. In addition, wet wheel knife sharpener works faster than traditional grinding and as such it is one method of sharpening that is most welcome for all those who need to sharpen their knives regularly.

A grinding wheel is always mounted on a stand and clamped with a bench. Before starting the procedure, make the grinding wheel thoroughly wet with water. Feel it with your hands so that it is totally damp. You can make it wet by rubbing water on it with the help of a damp cloth. Switch on the grinder and let it attain speed.

Stand by the side of the wet wheel knife sharpener and holding the knife in you right hand, bring the edge of the knife close to the moving grinding wheel. Hold the knife so that the blade faces down. Bring the blade in contact with the moving wheel keeping it at an angle of 30 degrees. Keep in mind to make contact slowly or the force of the moving wheel may throw the knife out of your hand. Now move the blade of the knife forward and backward maintaining the angle. This friction works to take off metal from the edge of the knife making it sharp in the process. Make sure that you run the entire edge along the moving wheel. Fast moving wheel sharpens the entire edge in just 10-15 seconds. After one side of the edge has been sharpened, Flip the knife in your hand and present the other side of the edge t repeat the process.

You will find that sharpening knives with a wet wheel knife sharpener is easy and very effective.