Using Clipper Sharpening Stones

Clippers cannot remain forever sharp. After a prolonged use, they go dull necessitate sharpening. Whether you are using clippers to cut the nails of your pets or their hair, you need to keep them in top working condition to be able to get the desired results all the time. Then there are barbers whose profession is totally dependent upon the use of these clippers. A dull clipper means dissatisfied customers which can bring a bad name for the business. This implies that clippers need to be razor sharp all the time. There are various means to sharpen your clippers, but majority of people who sharpen them on their own, use clipper sharpening stones for the purpose. The most popular methods of clipper sharpening are using a grinding wheel, a whetstone or a lapping wheel. Here we shall confine ourselves to clipper sharpening stones only.

Clipper sharpening stones are also called oil stones that are highly abrasive and obtained from queries. They are typically very hard but vary in grit. In the market, you can buy an oil stone with a flat top. There are even oil stones with a diamond stone covering at the top to make them even more effective for sharpening clippers. There are stones coated with steel, plastic or even resin. The easiest way to sharpen clipper blades is to swipe them against these stones. Not only are these stones relatively inexpensive, they are easily maintained and sharpen the blades in a very little time as well. If possible, open the blades of the clipper by unfastening the pivot screw. This makes it easier to hold each blade and sharpen it using clipper sharpening stones.

Hold the blade in your right hand and the stone in your left hand. Then with a forward and backward motion, rub the edge of the blade against the stone putting only a slight force. Here it is important to note that you must not use greater than necessary force as this may cause a lot of steel to come of the blade reducing the life of the clipper. For a beginner, it may be hard to maintain an acute angle initially, but with little practice, it becomes really easy to present a constant angle with the edge of the blade.

With a few strokes, the edge of the blade becomes razor sharp, and now you need to turn it upside down to sharpen the other edge also. Once you are finished sharpening one blade, repeat the procedure with the other blade. After sharpening both the blades, you need to hone them using honing steel. Now, wipe the blades clean with a wet towel to ensure there is no material clinging on to the edges. Fasten the screw to make the clipper again and use the clipper to heck its efficiency.

You can also go for professional services to get your clippers sharpened but it is time consuming and also costs more than doing it yourself using clipper sharpening stones.