How To Grind Clipper Blades – Read It To Know It

If you are thinking how to grind clipper blades, you have come to the right place. Here you can learn that how easily your can grind the clipper blades. A hollow-grinding blade is a different process from simply honing of sharpening. You can see that most of the knives have wedged shaped edges, but with grinding, you can produce a concave effect, just like a razor blade. The process is very simple and easy, it actually removes the metal from the slope up behind the edge of the blade and then it changes the shape of the cross section. This thing decreases the overall angle but leaves a thin and strong surface. A good care regimen makes for the sharp-cutting implements than can be found in pet grooming centers, in kitchen and hand-to-hand combat.

If you really want to know that how to grind clipper blades, you can learn it from the instructions I am going to give you. First, you will need to study the clipper blade from an edge-on prospective in a well-lit area. Then you have to contour on the both sides of the blade where the angle is getting deeper before it slops to the cutting edge. This is the first step; the next thing you have to do is to rub a very thick layer of gun oil on the blades to protect them, unless the wheel (grinding wheel) is self-cooling and then covers itself with a film of water. The water or the oil will prevent sparking and overheating and even in the middle of the process, it keeps the blades polished.

I think now you are getting the answer of question how to grind clipper blades, remember that, you should follow all the steps with some protection on you, for self-protection you will need a pair of gloves, goggles to cover your eyes. And for the process, power grinding wheel is required. Put on the gloves and eye protection, and then turn on the grinding wheel to the lowest setting; it is true that lower speed will take a longer time to finish, but the good thing is that in lower speed you can control more easily than higher speed. Therefore, it is better to do all work on lower speed.

The next step is to take the clippers in your dominant hand, after this place the back of the tip on your other hand and then place the dipped-in part of the blade on the grinding wheel. Pull the clippers very smoothly sideways in a straight line, along with the dip, and to the tip from the handle end. Now you can clearly know that how to grind clipper blades.

After this, switch very smoothly the clippers around, so the tip in your other hand and handle in the weaker hand, but remember that the only same side should contact the grinding wheel. You have to repeat the above-mentioned process for three to four times. Then you have to repeat the process for 3 to 4 times again on the other side of the blade to grind it properly.