Dremel Knife Sharpening Kit Is a Perfect Aid For All Your Sharpening Needs

Dremel is a name to reckon with in the field of sharpening all over the world. It is a US based company that has been making sharpening tools for the last so many years. High speed rotary tool is the specialty of the company, and Dremel knife sharpening kit is a multi purpose tool loved by people for its efficiency and reliability. Dremel sharpening kit can be used to not only sharpen your lawn mower’s blades but also to sharpen you knives in the kitchen.

Fix the knife into the vice of Dremel knife sharpening kit. Tighten the blade in such a way so that it is nicely secured and its edge is exposed. Also tighten the vice with your workbench so that it does not move while sharpening the knife. Now secure the grinding attachment to Dremel. Fasten it properly other wise it may fly off as it moves very fast. It is advisable to use a recommended angle for you knife blade which could be anywhere in the range of 20-25 degrees. There are people who sharpen the blade from one side only. They use an angle of 24 degrees. Some people sharpen the edge from both sides so they use and angle of 12.5 degrees. There is no hard and fast rule and you can use the angle at which you are most comfortable without hurting yourself. When using Dremel knife sharpening kit start sharpening at the base which is closest to the handle. Move Dremel along the edge of the blade keeping the angle of the blade constant. Once you have sharpened the edge from one side, let the blade cool down as sparks fly off while sharpening.

Now you need to polish the sharpened edge of the blade which you can do with the help of polishing compound, felt pad and mandrel. Dremel knife sharpening kit does it easily with its rotary motion.

Dremel makes very high quality sharpening tools for those who wish to sharpen their chainsaw at home. Two models, namely Dremel A679-02 sharpening kit and Dremel chainsaw sharpening kit are extremely popular for this use.

Features of A679-02

  • Comes with guides to provide accurate angles for sharpening dull chains
  • Sharpener for lawn mower that easily sharpens all blades
  • Can sharpen garden shears, shovels and other such tools
  • Includes 3 chainsaw grinding stones
  • Sharpens chainsaw teeth and lawn mower blades
  • Sharpens edges of all garden tools

Features of chainsaw sharpening kit

  • Attaches easily to all rotary tools
  • Angle guide to provide custom fit to most chainsaws
  • Different sharpening stones
  • Gauge
  • Spacers
  • Wrench
  • Instruction manual

Using a Dremel, it is easy to sharpen the blades of a lawn mower. Dremel knife sharpening kit comes with an ABS guide that fits on the nose of the Dremel tool while the grinder is fixed in the collets. You just need to run the grinder along the edge of the blade and the blade is sharpened within a minute. Using Dremel, it is possible to sharpen dull shovels, hoes, and hedge hammers too.